~How the little man made the grand entrance~

Hubby and i came back from what looked like the final check up before the baby’s grand entrance. Doc observed the baby’s heart beat for a while to make sure all was well and sent us back home, telling us to keep proper track of the baby’s movements since his umbilical cord was twirled around his neck.

The baby’s head and abdominal circumference had become too big and it was ready to come out anytime. We were now just waiting for the alarm, with our hospital bags packed with all gender-neutral baby stuff in it.

I went home and napped for a while. Later i woke up and had dinner, chatted with the family, took my meds and watched tv/ read books to prepare myself for the big day. Suddenly i realised, i hadn’t felt the baby in somewhere close to 6 hours. Hubby didn’t think for a minute before telling me to rush to the hospital. It was 2 am but we didn’t wanna take any chances. The gynae on duty analysed the baby’s heartbeat and told me it was best for me to stay under observation. Thankfully, the baby was fine; he probably just ran out of space to wiggle around my tummy or wanted to cause drama because he now needed to enter the bigger world.

Hubby and i stayed there that night. The next morning, docs decided to induce me artificially for birthing, which despite of reading so much about pregnancy over the internet, i had no idea about. Anyway, the gynae inserted a pill in my body and that was it.We now just had to wait for the pains to begin.Woohoo! In few hours the baby will be out and we will all leave this crazy hospital like a happy family, OR NOT. It was next morning and we were still just waiting. The baby was causing more drama than ever. I was induced again (intravenous) which caused slight pains to begin, nothing major.

The now fed-up gynae planned to burst my water bag! Wait, what?! And how do you aim on doing that?! For what reason?! The baby is just taking it’s time. We all need time for the major decisions in life. After all he had this huge family to meet and greet. Couldn’t the baby stay there until he wanted to?! Oh great, so you would insert this huge pair of scissors and cut my water bag, that is how it happens?!?!?! Really?! Wow! Did i miss reading some articles? I guess so.

After much reluctance the doc did what she had to do. I died a little on seeing the size of those scissors. Was i crazy to opt for a normal delivery in this modern, high tech world, it was too late to think about it now.

And the next few hours was just a series of listening to Puuussshhhhh PUSSHHHHHHHH…. and me screaming and killing my husband just about 10,000 times in my mind, for getting me in this position (it was both our decision but he got no more than 5 percent the role).

Finally, Jan 30, 16:31- my little man made his grand entry. If there is one feeling that will go on with me till i die, it will be that moment. Did my mom also do this for getting me into this world? Why did I never consider this before? It was the most beautiful little guy I had ever seen. Like a little bud of rose🌹. Blush pink and crazy like me, screaming on top of his lungs without taking break. The paediatrician in the room put him on my chest and he stopped to cry. I still getting butterflies thinking about that moment. How someone who enters your life at such a later stage simply claims every wonderful feeling you ever had to itself. Did someone say all good things come in small packages? Yes, they do!

It was not until i touched him, i knew what heaven could feel like.


Author: Moms Just Know

Mom of an exceedingly energetic toddler, I am keeping things in place one day at a time. I strive to provide the best of myself to bring out the best in the baby.. This blog is to connect with and learn from mothers all over the world, facts and experiences they think are worthy to share.

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