Can we really keep-up, like the Kardashians!

I was hopelessly gazing inside the closet full of 12 sized clothing, wondering if it would ever go down a size or two. I wished, i could flaunt those toned legs sometime again, at the beaches of Phuket, when little boo came up and clung on to my legs throwing a tantrum for the millionth time in the day.

This time it was to watch “green colour, green colour where are you; here i am, here i am; how do you do”. Not now”, i said in my calmest possible tone. Buaaapaaaaa (ipad), he screamed so loud, i was startled. Realising that he was louder than he should have been, he suddenly gave me a peck on my cheek to pacify my dreadful look.

Picking him up, i had the passing thought that crosses my mind every now and then, how do these celebs manage a lifestyle where they can do everything possible on the planet and still manage to be mummies. Do they bring up their babies as religiously as we do?! Do they wipe baby bums with their perfectly manicured hands?! Do they ever run after their kids for getting them to finish their meals?! Even if they have help to perform these duties, can anyone else do for the baby, what the mothers can do?!

Sitting back I later realise we can all keep up like the Kardashians (not literally), just in our own simple ways. What is your chapter one could be someone else’s chapter 20.

The most trivial act that we could do is to try and keep our state of mind and bodies go hand in hand. Make it a point to give just half and hour at least, each day, to spend time with ourselves/meditate and another half an hour to groom ourselves; you could work-out for this half an hour, get yourself a manicure, scrub your face and use a face pack, get your things done (wax, shave etc), do yoga, get yourself a nice head massage/body massage. We give outmost love to our families. Can we just devote one hour a day towards loving ourselves equally if not more?

Join me in doing so and increase self worth and self love. Way to go mommies!

Author: Moms Just Know

Mom of an exceedingly energetic toddler, I am keeping things in place one day at a time. I strive to provide the best of myself to bring out the best in the baby.. This blog is to connect with and learn from mothers all over the world, facts and experiences they think are worthy to share.

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