5 Phrases to NEVER use with your kids

Why and how our kids turn out to be rebellious and disturbed or happy and positive is often not clearly understood by many of us. We call this human characteristics/nature, that shape with age. Which is partially true. Our kids do have a personality that is usually the gift of nature; however, a great role of how our kids shape up as individuals also depends on our behaviour towards them.

In this post I have listed down few phrases to never use with kids. Sometimes our words leave our little ones scarred for life. We must make sure we avoid using these or similar phrases at all times.

I too get angry with my child many times, we have all been scolded by our parents, it is natural, but by making such statements we can lead to much worse consequences. So, I make it a point to always weigh the my words. Anger must always be displayed very carefully as kids fail to understand what we really imply.

Stay peaceful and bring up beautiful individuals!

Author: Moms Just Know

Mom of an exceedingly energetic toddler, I am keeping things in place one day at a time. I strive to provide the best of myself to bring out the best in the baby.. This blog is to connect with and learn from mothers all over the world, facts and experiences they think are worthy to share.

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