5 Exciting games for Kids’ Birthday Parties

1. Fire in the mountain: Players run in a circle until the leader keeps saying fire in the mountain, run, run, run. In the end the leader says a number in which the players have to group. Whoever doesn’t end up in a group of the said number of players is out.


2. Simon says: The players have to perform a task the leader gives after saying ‘Simon says’ (eg. dance, stand on one leg etc) but not perform the task if he says it without saying Simon says before announcing the task. If any player performs the task without the leader saying Simon says he/ she is out.


3. Name Housie: Kids write their names on a piece of paper. The leader calls out random letters of the alphabet and the players keep cancelling out the announced letters out of their names. Whoever gets all their letters cancelled, keeps getting out of the game. The last player remaining wins.


4. Musical Statue-Over: The leader keeps playing music on and off and the players have to dance on the music. While the music is off the players have to be on statue mode. Whoever moves is out. Players who keep getting out can try to make the players laugh or move by performing funny acts.


5. Charades: Make folded slips with general words like airplane, watch, table etc. In two teams each player will be given 1 minute to enact the maximum number of slips for their teams to guess the right word. Whichever team guesses the maximum correct words wins. You would have to make many slips and this game goes on very rapidly.

Author: Moms Just Know

Mom of an exceedingly energetic toddler, I am keeping things in place one day at a time. I strive to provide the best of myself to bring out the best in the baby.. This blog is to connect with and learn from mothers all over the world, facts and experiences they think are worthy to share.

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