Keeping little minds occupied

Moms have to undergo a tremendous predicament each day to maintain the planners of their kids’ day to day lives.

My two year old is an absolutely over-active child and I need to look for several ways to keep him occupied. Baby K loves toys but his interest in them is very short lived. The weather these days isn’t very supportive either, so it becomes even more important to look for ideas to keep him busy indoors and also to simultaneously make him learn something new each day.

Here is a list some of the activities that can keep your little ones occupied and hooked. You can pick whatever you feel can be useful for the age group of your child and alter them as per your ideas:

  1. Colours – sort 4 different colour of legos. Colour 4 plates with red, blue, green and yellow colours each. Teach the kids to sort the lego colours and put in respective plates and sort according to colours. You can change the colours and use something else in place of legos once they learn this set of colours.
  2. Sounds – half fill plastic containers with lentils/ marbles. The sound the container makes when rolled on the floor seems very entertaining to kids. It strangely keeps my little one busy for several minutes at a stretch.
  3. Pom-poms through a tube – I saw this on and found it very interesting. Tape an empty kitchen roll tube and give your kid pom-poms to drop through the tube. Kids spend a lot of time collecting the pom-poms from the floor and putting them back through the tube again.
  4. Cognitive – use a matching card game with kids. Give the baby a card and tell them to find the matching one from the rest of the cards. I like ‘DITTO’. You can look for a similar game. You can use something as basic homemade colour cards if your child is too small for complex ones.
  5. Motor skills – Make 3 bags/ boxes each one full of basic household items. Believe me kids love household items more than expensive toys. I use pen caps, switch boards, lock and key, balls, paper cups, animal toys, playing cards etc and give a different one to your child for each day. Hide the other two, this way it doesn’t get monotonous and they find something to keep them hooked for pretty long.
  6. Sensory – give them a variety of food each day to play with. This improves their sense of texture and touch. You can do this while making the child sit in a playing mat or their dinner chair to avoid creating a mess throughout the house. Also, preferably do this activity before bath time.

Please make sure that during these activities you child is always under supervision.

Author: Moms Just Know

Mom of an exceedingly energetic toddler, I am keeping things in place one day at a time. I strive to provide the best of myself to bring out the best in the baby.. This blog is to connect with and learn from mothers all over the world, facts and experiences they think are worthy to share.

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