Breaking THE news!

It was all fun and games, until after 3 and half years of tying the knot + getting umpteen hints from the stereotypical parents, we decided to take the biggest decision of our lives ‘having the progeny’🙂.

Undoubtedly, it was the most special part of us, after all, we were still just man and wife now going to be a family.

June 2015, 3 preg tests (to be absolute sure that the baby is coming) and a couple of jitters later, we made phone calls (hubby + i were travelling) to the mothers, making them go crazy with excitement.

The huge family that we have, was now waiting for our little bundle of joy, as eagerly as we were. There was no superstition/ old wives tales that my lovely fam didn’t make me follow (for the sake of their entertainment). From gender guessing games to baby names, it all just started then.


Mornings demand super foods!

One of those mornings when you intend to start the day with something that kick shots your energy levels.

A good helping of assorted fruits topped with nuts, dried fruit + my new obsession ‘chia seeds’. These tiny seeds are power packed with tremendous nutrients and fibre.We’ve heard about their weight loss benefits and i have experienced they do great justice to the claims. An improved texture in my skin and hair + promoting my post baby weight loss has made me a great fan.

Even add them to your glass of fresh juice or soups, i love how they can multi perform.

Have you tried these yet? Or any other superfoods you swear by?

Motherhood- Strings Attached

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

The fact is true and how! There hasn’t been anything, whatsoever, that could have made me a bigger+better person, than the most amazing journey of motherhood. No matter what I do today or where I am, those little feet are walking around with my heart.

However, although I could be a complete wreak sometimes, with emotions all over the place (depending on whether or not i’m PMSing) but i’d still like to acknowledge that henceforth i’ll try refraining myself from describing my love for the baby because i believe every mom can go on and on about it. All us moms can always share our experiences (good/bad) without a bottom line that tells how much we love our babies.

Let’s just try to be in control of the situation, LADIES! 😉

How has your journey been so far?