Little traveller, dreaming to explore

Last week, while I was surfing over the internet to order some books for baby K, I came across this 🗺 world map from @collins_booksellers that I reluctantly added-to-cart on @amazondotin, not quite sure whether it was going to be of use for now or not.

However, this bright and lovely map is working as a charm in his room. It is so interactive in itself, baby K can’t stop pointing over and being amused by how pretty it is. He can now spot his country on it.

Not that I mean to mug up information in his brain but it really is lovely to see how he is so curious seeing so many versatile things he can relate with on his wall.

Baby Dove Head to Toe wash – Review

Cold weather is very harsh on babies’ skins, because of which their skin loses it’s natural moisture.

These winters I experienced baby K’s skin becoming extremely dry and rough, also because the hot water baths wash away the skin’s natural oils leaving a flaky skin. I was looking for something mild yet rich to use for his sensitive baby skin, when I came across Dove range of baby products. The hair to toe baby wash was my most instant + necessary buy for him.



Dove has been a well known brand, focussing on keeping the skin’s moisture levels balanced because of being extremely creamy in texture, which was exactly what Baby K needed. I loved how his skin got the suppleness from using this body wash, even without using a body lotion. The moisture remained intact and it was quite evident while touching and feeling his skin.

We have nearly exhausted using the first bottle that we purchased and we are looking forward to ordering it again.

I ordered Dove Head to Toe Baby Wash from Nykaa for ₹ 239 for 400 ml.


Sun protectant I swear by


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

UV rays, pollution and harsh weather conditions do more harm to our skin than we imagine.

I absolutely swear by using La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40, on my extremely sensitive skin before stepping out in the sun to provide protection to my exposed skin areas, usually the face and back of my hands. This was suggested to me during a dermatologist visit and I have never stopped using it.

My skin loves the non greasy texture of La Shield because most sun protectants are extremely sticky and leave my already oily skin looking like an oil factory 🙄. On the contrary, this one has the texture similar to the Benefit Porefessional, giving the feels of using a makeup primers. I have totally skipped using primers while using this because it controls my oil glands so much, my make up doesn’t get runny.

Initially I thought it was a little pricey because I paid ₹730 for this 60g tube that doesn’t last too long but it’s worth every penny for my thirty something mom skin. Totally recommend using this one.

Weekend Skin Care

Hola guys! 👋

As much as I love the weekends to have fun and late nights without the worries of getting up to an alarm the next morning, there is a flip side to it.

Weekends are what screw my super sensitive skin to quite an extent.

⭕️For one we I wear obsessive amounts of make up 😉for parties which I usually don’t on regular days.

⭕️Secondly, late nights always make me skip on the CTM and I haphazardly just use a facewash before going into bed (so bad).



@garnierindia micellar water makes this abuse of skin a hell lot better for me. Recently started to use this and it is amazing how swiftly and nicely it brings down all the make up on the cotton ball, you don’t even need to rub it too hard.



Also, along with the make up, out goes all the dirt and grime stuck in the pores.

It says you don’t require to rinse your face post using this but I still like to do so. Believe me, my mommy-skin feels so fresh and clear after using this.

Comes in two variants, the other only is rather on the oily side so I prefer this non oil base one. This 125 ml bottle cost me 149₹ on Nykaa so I believe it’s really cost effective.



Oral Hygiene in Babies


Oral hygiene is an extremely important yet highly ignored aspect of keeping little ones sanitary and trouble-free.

Here’s how I’ve been taking care of my little one’s oral hygiene from the very beginning –

1) Since he turned 2 months old, I have been cleaning his tongue with a sterile cotton bud dipped in two drops of Borax Glycerine, every alternate day, to get rid of milk deposits.

2) After he turned 6 months old and started feeding on semi-solids, I used a silicon finger brush, dipped in a solution of water and half tsp of salt, to rub on his gums and new teeth. Salt water keeps the baby’s teeth, gums and tongue sterilised.

3) After he turned 1, I started doing the same salt+water brushing but with the Chicco baby toothbrush. It was easier to reach the back of the mouth with a toothbrush rather than a finger brush after he acquired his front teeth.

4) Since he turned 2 years old, I have been using Pigeon baby toothpaste. He clearly understands the concept of rinsing the mouth and not swallowing the toothpaste, although it is harmless but I try to explain him to spit it out all the time.

Make sure-

You must brush your kids’ teeth two times a day since they start eating solids. Tooth decay is extremely common amongst kids and can be avoided to a great extent by brushing teeth at night.

Visit your paediatric dentist after the child turns one year old to learn how you must take oral care and precautions.

Avoid making the baby go to sleep while feeding from the very beginning. Milk residues in mouth can lead to cavities.

Avoid giving the kids too many sweets. Instead give them fruits to fulfill their sugar cravings.

Do not use fluoride based toothpastes until the child is 3 years of age.

Clarins Lotus face treatment oil

Not very often, do I come across skincare products that suit me right in every possible way.

▶️Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is one such product.



🆗I have never had the most perfect or ‘flawless’ skin ever, always been oily+acne prone and extremely sensitive.



▶️Post having a baby, it worsened, may be because of sleep deprivation. In search of a brand new, post-baby, night care regimen, I came across this face treatment oil. The guy gave me a little sample which I reluctantly accepted (because oil on my skin ), upon his advice and because it specifically read-for oily or combination skin. I used it as suggested, 2-3 drops rubbed on the palms and placed on the face without extreme massaging.



▶️It smelled great, I didn’t get any break outs so it was worth a try. I got this bottle and I haven’t regretted at all. Continuous use has made my skin more even toned, definitely. It makes the skin supple and hydrated and helps get rid of dark spots.



▶️Costed me 3300₹ for this 30 ml glass bottle (very delicate to handle) which I believe is reasonable considering this goes a long way.

Pediasure- worth the hype?!


A new addition to last time’s grocery list was the much awaited item, Pediasure.

Baby K has been obsessed with milk ever since he was born. So much that he wouldn’t mind missing out on meals to get a bottle of milk.

Did you know, having too much milk hinders the absorption of iron and few other vital nutrients’ in the blood?

I was keen to add something fortified to his milk to supplement his daily nutrition. Pediasure claims to have 37 vital nutrients and helps in weight gain and brain development.

I see baby K is loving the chocolate flavour that I got for him and has dearly accepted it. I bought the 200 g box initially to see its effects and judge the baby’s likability towards it but I guess it will soon need another purchase.

I haven’t experienced lack of his food appetite after adding this to his diet which is the concern of many parents.

The only drawback I feel is that it is very sugary which kind of makes me skeptical about using it 3 times a day as mentioned on the box.