So, the thing with kids is that it’s all fun and games until the day they decide to fall sick, when your world turns upside down. #littlemistersingh has been down with viral and throat infection these 3 days. No clue what struck him but it has been so difficult on him. .


Since monsoons are almost here, what are you guys doing to take precautions for kids falling sick?

My first and foremost suggestion is, if your kid is sick, keep him/her at home and don’t send them to school/birthday parties/other social outings, until they’re perfect. Even if this means that you must take a leave from work. While I was helping my little one cope up with pre school, I have witnessed working parents (or not) forcing sick kids to go to school. It is a horrible thing to do. Not only for your kid but for others around. .


Something that really helped us the previous year was the ‘FLU VACCINE’. It is highly recommended, for kids (above six months) and the elderly of the family because of their vulnerability towards the viruses, by my experience with it. We get 2 shots each year for our little one, each six months apart and it has really helped us with his resistance towards viral infections. Not that it is 100 percent effective but even if a virus that’s not a part of the vaccine, they suffer a milder case of it and recover quicker which is a major reason I advocate for it.

For my little one, this year’s vaccination is to be given at he end of this month (when monsoons just begin).



All this information is my experience and just for informative purpose (learnt by our paediatrician). Please! Please! Please! TAKE ADVICE FROM YOUR PAEDIATRICIAN FOR THE SAME!!!!

How I got ‘Preg-ready’

Ours was a planned pregnancy, 3 years post our wedlock when we both were absolutely sure of having a little human of our own. I was 28 and hubby was 29 and we both thought that it was the right time to join the parent’s club.

I, being the more inquisitive of the two, wanted to get every bit of knowledge to prepare my body for the following months, that i knew would consume quite a handful physically and mentally.

Here’s my guide about prepping your bodies for pregnancy and quicker recovering post-partum:

  • The primary+most important agenda on my list was to visit the gynaecologist. An appointment with the doc doesn’t only have to happen if you have troubles conceiving but also before you plan on getting pregnant. This way the gynae can perform a simple blood test and ultrasound to know how your uterus is designed and what’s going on inside your body. Many conditions like PCOD/PCOS, thyroid, hypertension, RH Factor etc in you and your spouse can be ruled out and/or cured so as to make it a healthy pregnancy. You might want to check if you need any live vaccines (like chicken pox) that can’t be given during pregnancy to stay safe.
  • Before getting pregnant i wanted to have a boost of all the vital nutrients and minerals that the body needs to be strong enough to handle a healthy pregnancy by taking a course of multivitamins. I took a 3 month course of the GNC multivitamins but you can refer to your doctor for the same.
  • I was few kilos above my BMI mark which meant that I had to reduce weight to attain the right BMI. This is only done so that conditions like gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia etc can be avoided. I however, failed to attain my benchmark but lost few kilos which proved great help in bouncing back my weight post pregnancy and not facing any of the above mentioned conditions.
  • Exercise- only a healthy body can give you a healthy baby. Exercise not only to lose weight but to stay fit and regulate your bodily functions. I religiously exercised to make my body strong enough to handle a healthy pregnancy.
  • Try to aim for it at the right age. Yes, there is a right age for getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby, for both the husband and the wife. It is firmly believed that the fertility levels of humans start declining greatly after the age of 30. Children born to parents past the appropriate age are also more susceptible to conditions related to heart, obesity + mental illnesses. This is not to cause panic in you but to create awareness about weightage of the right time.
  • If you happen to be drinkers +/ smokers you and your spouse must cut down on the alcohol + smoking levels tremendously or conpletely. Heavy drinkers are said to have unhealthy sperms/lesser sperm count. The female’s chances of getting pregnant are also hindered if she drinks too often and in huge quantities.
  • Staying stress-free is the key to getting quicker positive results. If you happen to stress yourself with work or worries chances are that your pregnancy gets delayed. Stay happy and orgasmic, it works great wonders.

Spread on the knowledge to those in need! Let’s help someone join the mommy club in a better way.


Can we really keep-up, like the Kardashians!

I was hopelessly gazing inside the closet full of 12 sized clothing, wondering if it would ever go down a size or two. I wished, i could flaunt those toned legs sometime again, at the beaches of Phuket, when little boo came up and clung on to my legs throwing a tantrum for the millionth time in the day.

This time it was to watch “green colour, green colour where are you; here i am, here i am; how do you do”. Not now”, i said in my calmest possible tone. Buaaapaaaaa (ipad), he screamed so loud, i was startled. Realising that he was louder than he should have been, he suddenly gave me a peck on my cheek to pacify my dreadful look.

Picking him up, i had the passing thought that crosses my mind every now and then, how do these celebs manage a lifestyle where they can do everything possible on the planet and still manage to be mummies. Do they bring up their babies as religiously as we do?! Do they wipe baby bums with their perfectly manicured hands?! Do they ever run after their kids for getting them to finish their meals?! Even if they have help to perform these duties, can anyone else do for the baby, what the mothers can do?!

Sitting back I later realise we can all keep up like the Kardashians (not literally), just in our own simple ways. What is your chapter one could be someone else’s chapter 20.

The most trivial act that we could do is to try and keep our state of mind and bodies go hand in hand. Make it a point to give just half and hour at least, each day, to spend time with ourselves/meditate and another half an hour to groom ourselves; you could work-out for this half an hour, get yourself a manicure, scrub your face and use a face pack, get your things done (wax, shave etc), do yoga, get yourself a nice head massage/body massage. We give outmost love to our families. Can we just devote one hour a day towards loving ourselves equally if not more?

Join me in doing so and increase self worth and self love. Way to go mommies!

C-Section- Still a taboo?


Clearly there is a 50% chance of having either the normal birth or the C-section. What is beyond my understanding is, why does the society judge mothers each day on choosing the latter.

The moment i gave birth to my little one, even before wanting to know about the health of the mom and the baby, i heard “Normal or C-Section?” and as soon as they learnt I delivered normally they come up with some more opinions “that’s the best; you’re the perfect mom; these days girls wanna go the easy way“. I think my blood boiled a little thinking would i be any less a mom had i undergone the otherwise. I wasn’t in the mood for sarcasm at that point but the statement still bothers me. Why cant’t a mother choose the easy (at least considered) way. I just continued to gorge on the slice of pizza i was having after the crazy labour hours.

In one of my upcoming posts I’m going to describe how i managed the normal delivery (w/o taking the epidural) which i hope is some help for moms who like to go the natural way.

Anyway, i totally think giving birth is the most naturally beautiful thing a woman can do and how she wants to do depends totally on her decision and/or her medical condition. I do also favoured the normal birth procedure for myself as it has it’s own set of pros that aid the baby health and makes post-partum recovery so much easier but no one has the right to judge the decision a mother makes for herself and for her baby.

Your baby your style!

Image source: https://www.themayasnest.com