June 23rd, along with various mom bloggers of in and around Delhi, the little one and I were invited to this super interesting event held by Palmers India and hosted by Funderland India.

Before I begin with the how abouts of the event, I’d like to draw your attention to how much fun my little chap had and I’m so glad we were a part of this event.

The reason for this happiness is the gala time we had at this indoor play area. Funderland not only impressed me with its facilities but also how warm the staff is. Every wish that was made by either the moms or the kids, was immediately fulfilled, thanks to the co-owner and Senior MD – Mr. Mayank Aggarwal, who made it a point to personally look after each and every one of our requirements.

What I liked most about Funderland is its hygiene (socks only policy) as soon as you enter the place and how they have divided the area for various activities so thoughtfully.

Seeing a ball pool the moment we entered the place made my little one so excited, he pulled his shoes off and dived into it immediately. A lovely carousel, tattoo artist, trampoline are few of the many activities available to keep the little ones occupied for hours. The kinetic sand pool kept him hooked for the longest time, post which the tattoo artist grabbed his attention and I felt free-er than ever. The staff is so courteous, they took care of him while I was busy with the moms meet up.

I also cant miss talking about the scrumptious snacks and meals we were offered during the course of the event, with extremely sincere staff who thoughtfully planned the meals to the T such that the moms and kids both could enjoy the same meal. The best part, they had the oreo shake for the kids and yum cold coffee for mums, that took my heart.

Not to forget the fact that Funderland has so much to do in the most reasonable prices and also some great deals for kids birthday parties and get togethers.

Apart from so much for the kiddo, there was a lot more for me too. Palmers, a brand that most moms are well aware of, especially during our pregnancies, introduced some new range of products. We have used their cocoa butter and stretch marks cream as a saviour during our pregnancy but what interested me here was the skin therapy oil. Loaded with vitamin E it heals problem skin with dark spots and lines and wrinkles, a must have for anyone above 30. Palmers was so generous with gifting all moms and kids goodie boxes with so lovely shampoos, lotions, conditioners and what not. All this is easily available on the Nykaa.com website.

If all that wasn’t enough, the gorgeous Dr Mahima Bakshi was there to chit chat with the moms discussing our pregnancies and diet and skin care related issues. She introduced her new book called Birthing Naturally, which is available on amazon.in and I’m sure is a great buy for expecting moms considering how well versed she is with the subject, being a lactation consultant too.

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The earth has music, for those who listen

A very essential part of our daily schedule is being in green surroundings. My mini is one wild child and can not call it day without being at the parks at least once per day.

Why it is essential to take kids to the natural surroundings more than indoor play areas?

Primarily, because there is so much to learn and gain from nature. Kids improve and build their fine motor skills, observations, creativity, imaginative thinking, problem solving so much better when they are left to play in natural surroundings. No books/ educational toys can ever teach a child what a hands-on experience with nature can.



Although we are not morning people at all, we have switched to visit the gardens early morning instead of/including the evenings because we feel that the early morning sun and fresh air do so much to improvise us.

Give a mom the right shoes

Give a mom the right shoes and.. well not sure about conquering the world but she sure can run behind her toddler comfortably.

Here’s my this week’s most favourite buy. After being a mom, one of the biggest dilemmas I face is how to look nice and stay comfortable at the same time and when I say comfortable, topping my must have list are comfortable pairs of shoes/sandals. These lovely sandals from @charleskeithofficial are so trendy and bling yet super comfortable, totally saved me from bearing the foot ache after tonight’s party.

Healthy Sunday

Keeping my Sunday healthy, after all that binge I’ve done during the wedding season; gone up on the scale so bad 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Summers and vacays don’t allow you to cover-up the over eating done during the winter wedding season.

Clean eating is the key. I try my best to incorporate veggies and fresh fruits and thankfully the kiddo is fond of them too.

These stir fry veggies are the perfect munch for my junk cravings. They fulfil my appetite and detoxify my body. Also, eating clean definitely feels great too.

How I make stir fry veggies-

Just toss any veggies you love to eat in half spoon of olive oil (you can use butter but I prefer olive oil). Add salt and black pepper and mixed herbs. Sprinkle lemon juice. Good to eat.

The erroneous parenting

A happy and positive childhood is the foundation of a successful future and a balanced life.

I can’t think of a single parent who would deliberately like to ruin their child’s personality or self esteem. Parenting, however, is a very demanding job, where we have our up and down times but still have to manage upbringing our children by putting our best foot forward.

Sometimes, we do not realise how or what we say something, that could harm or put and end to to our child’s positive demeanour.

Here, I have a list of actions that I consider to be hugely erroneous in terms of parenting-

1. Never must any parent make any comparisons with other children or persons in any manner. I have been an educator and learnt the negative effect this causes in children in turn making them frustrated and less contented, sometimes upto a much later stage in life. We must understand that each child is different and has distinct qualities and it is our job to work towards bringing out the best in our child.

2. Often, parents try to force upon the aspirations they had for themselves onto their children. We should respect the individuality of a child and polish it with our best efforts by encouraging the child to follow their own dreams rather than our unfulfilled ones.

3. Many times, parents say the right thing to the child but do so in public rather than in private. Children need to be guided about the right way to lead their lives but they also get humiliated if you do it in front of others. We must make sure that our relationship with the child is our private affair and our problems must be solved amongst ourselves rather than displaying them in public. This way they build trust in us and easily share their problems.

4. It is and will always be a universal fact that your children needs your time more than they needs anything else in the world. The time we must give our children should never take a backseat because of work, socialising or anything else, per se. We must prioritise that the shaping our children’s life is of outmost importance and everything else can be adjusted accordingly.

5. We should learn to trust our child. Even if we find out that they are being unfaithful, we must understand why they required to do so. We must never haphazardly jump to conclusions and try to build a rapport where the child feels comfortable in sharing their secrets/ problems with us. The only way to do so is to have open talks with the children by discussing each other’s problems and finding solutions to them together.

6. Demeaning what holds importance to a child can prove to be very hurtful and aggression causing. For example, sometimes a toy holds emotional value to a child but you might find it immature or a hobby which is very important for them but you might find it worthless. This leads to rowdy behaviour of the child. It causes a violent nature and lack of the ability to understand others in future. Always value your child’s emotional values and never belittle what is important for them.

7. Try least to argue/fight with the spouse or other family members in front of children. Kids lack the ability to judge the severity of a situation and this can cause the feeling of desolation or depression amongst children.

We love our children with all that we have and we must take all measures to make their childhood a joyous experience.

Afternoons done right

Sneaking in some ‘me-time’ while the baby is napping and I have no errands to run, somehow.

There is no time I spend like the one where I read. Books are the most amazing company one can have but I have been spending less time with them ever since I became a mother. A new year resolution I made in 2018 is to read as much as I can. I think I’m definitely making that possible with the kid starting pre-school in few months. I aim to inculcate the habit of reading into him and that’s one of the best contributions I have, to offer him, as a mother.

Aromatherapy all the way

These ‘Khadi Natural Aromatherapy and Diffuser Oils’ are the perfect way for me to call one exhausting Monday, a day.

Today was one of those days that consume you physically and mentally.

Hubby has been ill for the past two days and today the little one caught the flu virus because he couldn’t stop kissing the sick daddy all this while.

For me aromas and fragrances are so crucial and how these oils soothe my reflexes is as good as getting a spa for the mind. I add 2-3 drops of these essential oils to my diffuser and it creates the most relaxing environment.

Also, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil have amazing health benefits apart form their incense. They help aid proper breathing, treat insomnia, give pain relief and help keep insects at bay.

*These magic oils are amazingly beneficial for the kids too*