Oral Hygiene in Babies


Oral hygiene is an extremely important yet highly ignored aspect of keeping little ones sanitary and trouble-free.

Here’s how I’ve been taking care of my little one’s oral hygiene from the very beginning –

1) Since he turned 2 months old, I have been cleaning his tongue with a sterile cotton bud dipped in two drops of Borax Glycerine, every alternate day, to get rid of milk deposits.

2) After he turned 6 months old and started feeding on semi-solids, I used a silicon finger brush, dipped in a solution of water and half tsp of salt, to rub on his gums and new teeth. Salt water keeps the baby’s teeth, gums and tongue sterilised.

3) After he turned 1, I started doing the same salt+water brushing but with the Chicco baby toothbrush. It was easier to reach the back of the mouth with a toothbrush rather than a finger brush after he acquired his front teeth.

4) Since he turned 2 years old, I have been using Pigeon baby toothpaste. He clearly understands the concept of rinsing the mouth and not swallowing the toothpaste, although it is harmless but I try to explain him to spit it out all the time.

Make sure-

You must brush your kids’ teeth two times a day since they start eating solids. Tooth decay is extremely common amongst kids and can be avoided to a great extent by brushing teeth at night.

Visit your paediatric dentist after the child turns one year old to learn how you must take oral care and precautions.

Avoid making the baby go to sleep while feeding from the very beginning. Milk residues in mouth can lead to cavities.

Avoid giving the kids too many sweets. Instead give them fruits to fulfill their sugar cravings.

Do not use fluoride based toothpastes until the child is 3 years of age.

Pediasure- worth the hype?!


A new addition to last time’s grocery list was the much awaited item, Pediasure.

Baby K has been obsessed with milk ever since he was born. So much that he wouldn’t mind missing out on meals to get a bottle of milk.

Did you know, having too much milk hinders the absorption of iron and few other vital nutrients’ in the blood?

I was keen to add something fortified to his milk to supplement his daily nutrition. Pediasure claims to have 37 vital nutrients and helps in weight gain and brain development.

I see baby K is loving the chocolate flavour that I got for him and has dearly accepted it. I bought the 200 g box initially to see its effects and judge the baby’s likability towards it but I guess it will soon need another purchase.

I haven’t experienced lack of his food appetite after adding this to his diet which is the concern of many parents.

The only drawback I feel is that it is very sugary which kind of makes me skeptical about using it 3 times a day as mentioned on the box.

Keeping little minds occupied

Moms have to undergo a tremendous predicament each day to maintain the planners of their kids’ day to day lives.

My two year old is an absolutely over-active child and I need to look for several ways to keep him occupied. Baby K loves toys but his interest in them is very short lived. The weather these days isn’t very supportive either, so it becomes even more important to look for ideas to keep him busy indoors and also to simultaneously make him learn something new each day.

Here is a list some of the activities that can keep your little ones occupied and hooked. You can pick whatever you feel can be useful for the age group of your child and alter them as per your ideas:

  1. Colours – sort 4 different colour of legos. Colour 4 plates with red, blue, green and yellow colours each. Teach the kids to sort the lego colours and put in respective plates and sort according to colours. You can change the colours and use something else in place of legos once they learn this set of colours.
  2. Sounds – half fill plastic containers with lentils/ marbles. The sound the container makes when rolled on the floor seems very entertaining to kids. It strangely keeps my little one busy for several minutes at a stretch.
  3. Pom-poms through a tube – I saw this on teachingmama.org and found it very interesting. Tape an empty kitchen roll tube and give your kid pom-poms to drop through the tube. Kids spend a lot of time collecting the pom-poms from the floor and putting them back through the tube again.
  4. Cognitive – use a matching card game with kids. Give the baby a card and tell them to find the matching one from the rest of the cards. I like ‘DITTO’. You can look for a similar game. You can use something as basic homemade colour cards if your child is too small for complex ones.
  5. Motor skills – Make 3 bags/ boxes each one full of basic household items. Believe me kids love household items more than expensive toys. I use pen caps, switch boards, lock and key, balls, paper cups, animal toys, playing cards etc and give a different one to your child for each day. Hide the other two, this way it doesn’t get monotonous and they find something to keep them hooked for pretty long.
  6. Sensory – give them a variety of food each day to play with. This improves their sense of texture and touch. You can do this while making the child sit in a playing mat or their dinner chair to avoid creating a mess throughout the house. Also, preferably do this activity before bath time.

Please make sure that during these activities you child is always under supervision.

DIY Camphor Oil + its advantages

This DIY Camphor oil has totally been my miracle product these past two months. I’ve been using this along with my usual aromatherapy diffuser oils. I was waiting to write up this post after experiencing its effects for a good time and today after finishing three quarters of the oil I made, I’m ready to write about its wonders.

We all know, that camphor is known for it’s antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It has been used to purify our surroundings and in traditional rituals for the longest time.

Along side, I have experienced its effectiveness in one of my worst nightmares. The worst thing to see is your child unable to sleep peacefully. My little one had a stuffy nose last week. The oil greatly helped in clearing blocked nasal passages of the baby, when he was having sleepless nights because the moment he used to lie, he found it difficult to breathe.

When I add camphor oil to my Chicco Respira Sano humidifier, it creates a soothing atmosphere in the room and aids us in a getting a peaceful sleep.

How I make it:


1 cup coconut (carrier) oil

2″ piece of synthetic camphor

Slightly warm the coconut oil and add powdered camphor. Mix well and immediately cover. Leave for 2 days for the camphor to diffuse into the oil. Use as required.


5 Exciting games for Kids’ Birthday Parties

1. Fire in the mountain: Players run in a circle until the leader keeps saying fire in the mountain, run, run, run. In the end the leader says a number in which the players have to group. Whoever doesn’t end up in a group of the said number of players is out.


2. Simon says: The players have to perform a task the leader gives after saying ‘Simon says’ (eg. dance, stand on one leg etc) but not perform the task if he says it without saying Simon says before announcing the task. If any player performs the task without the leader saying Simon says he/ she is out.


3. Name Housie: Kids write their names on a piece of paper. The leader calls out random letters of the alphabet and the players keep cancelling out the announced letters out of their names. Whoever gets all their letters cancelled, keeps getting out of the game. The last player remaining wins.


4. Musical Statue-Over: The leader keeps playing music on and off and the players have to dance on the music. While the music is off the players have to be on statue mode. Whoever moves is out. Players who keep getting out can try to make the players laugh or move by performing funny acts.


5. Charades: Make folded slips with general words like airplane, watch, table etc. In two teams each player will be given 1 minute to enact the maximum number of slips for their teams to guess the right word. Whichever team guesses the maximum correct words wins. You would have to make many slips and this game goes on very rapidly.

10 Iron Boosting foods for Kids


Recently, my paediatrician brought into my notice that our kids could possibly be dealing with IRON DEFICIENCY, known as Anaemia, which is very common amongst kids.

Although, we try our best to provide a healthy meal to our kids but sometimes it ends up not being a balanced meal. Iron is a very important element for a child’s proper and steady growth and must be present in their daily diets. The lack of iron causes the condition called Anaemia and leads to increased fatigue, yellowing of skin and feeling of weakness.

Introducing sone of the above mentioned foods, in everyday diets, help providing sufficient iron to avoid deficiency in kids as well as in adults.

Toddler tantrums and how to deal with them!

None of us is born with skills like patience, discipline, good behaviour or compromise. In fact, we develop these skills with time and age, sometimes never at all. These skills can only be conquered if one has the acceptance and mindset to do so. Then why do we, being adults, expect kids who have entered this world merely 2 or 3 years (may be a little more) back to put forward their best behaviour at all times.

We must, first and foremost, understand that tantrums do have a strong cause behind them. Sometimes tantrums indicate hurt/pain that a child can’t communicate, irritability due to lack of attention, lack of time/love from parents etc. but very rarely, in fact only from the age of 6 onwards do frequent tantrums indicate behavioural or psychological issues. Throwing tantrums that last few minutes is a part of your child’s development and also it is your job, as an adult, to share your calm with them rather than further aggravating the situation. Children most learn through actions of parents and other adults in the family.

I know dealing with tantrums, especially in public can be a huge challenge. I have been guilty of not handling the situation in the beat way, once in a while too by losing my calm. However, our main aim should be each day, to become a better parent than yesterday.

I have faced many such incidents with my 2 year old and here are certain ideas that have helped me a lot more than yelling or throwing a fit could have:

  • Whenever the situation arises, kneel down and get to the child’s eye level. This way he/she feels important and secure. They listen to you better when you’re closer to them.
  • Always listen to them, try to make them communicate their problem and actually solve it for them. Even if you do this 3 out of 5 times, they start developing the faith in you.
  • Try to never lie to your children, this breaks their trust and they tend to think that you might always be lying.
  • Make them realise you love them. Kiss them or hug them often. This way they realise that they’re important for you and you are going to have their back when they’re in need.
  • Screaming and kicking should be dealt with some mild form of punishment (time-out, missing their favourite treats etc) once in a while so that they know what behaviour is not acceptable.
  • You being the parent, best know what situations lands your kid in a break down. It is best to avoid such situations and/or quickly change the subject to something that interests your child more, to take their minds off the stress. My young one has recently developed the interest in the mobile phone and wants to use it to watch rhymes the entire day. I try to keep him busy with other activities like colours, blocks etc and keep the phone out of his sight to take his mind off. Try to create diversions.
  • Ignore what you feel is too petty. You need not address all their issues. This will make them realise that only genuine issues bother you and not the unnecessary ones.
  • Reward them with incentives if they behave nicely. This is not bribing but acknowledging their good and proper behaviour.
  • Try playing pretend games where you pretend to be the kid and they pretend to be the parent. Throw a fit and see how they react to it. Then start showing better behaviour. This way they realise how good behaviour is better than bad.

I hope we all manage to become better parents, that is only how we can raise better individuals.