Humidifier – the need of the hour!

Accompanying the lovely, chilly winter breeze, this weather also brought dreadful illnesses that unnecessary tagged along. How from being my favourite season, winters have started to dread me.

The air starts to dry, sucking the moisture from our skins and drying the mucus in our nasal passages. Due to this, we suffer from stuffy/blocked noses. Kids have a harder time with the same because what’s worse is that they can’t even blow the snot out, to relieve themselves. The air needs to moisten to relieve these conditions.

Recently my little one has picked up the airborne flu and before it worsens i have this Chicco Respira Sano humidifier out and running in the room at nights. It has been – tremendous help, stopping the congestion from worsening. It is far more easy to use than the regular steamer that is as unsafe as it is short lived. What’s most amazing is that it has a little space to add your essential oils/diffusers which fume along with the steam for added benefits.

I personally love it for myself too. It stops my skin from getting flaky and the lips from getting chapped. I see visible benefits of using this.

There are many other brands available in the market like honeywell and vicks, but this is what suited me best because it is cost effective, is from a decent brand, and has the facility of using essential oils. Also I love it because it has the auto shut down feature when the water inside the tank is consumed. I totally recommend this humidifier and call it a must use especially if you use a heater in your room.

This humidifier costed me ₹4490 from

Has anyone of you used it for your babies? What are your views about it?

Breastfeeding and it’s dilemmas

Breastfeeding is as big a journey as pregnancy.

It was clear in my mind, the moment i gave birth or even before it, that I was going to exclusively breastfeed my baby. Hearing about the tremendous health benefits for not only the baby but also the mom, who wouldn’t want to?!

I was assured that with breastfeeding:

-I was gonna provide outmost nutrition to my little one, which he would never end up getting from any external sources, at least for the first 6 months. Help him gain higher immunity, grow better and make him prone to numerous conditions.

-Transfer him the antibodies that my body was specially designed to make, uniquely for him. Why would I let them go waste?!

-Get myself a special bonding time with him where it was just him and I.

-Simultaneously aid my body against various ailments that breastfeeding work against (cancers, diabetes, hypertension to name few)

-Help myself regulate weight loss (fyi- absolutely zinch for me).

So the journey started the day the baby was born and went on for a good16-17 months. I was satisfied being certain that there is nothing more pure and wholesome I could have given to the baby in these first crucial transforming months of his life.

The benefits, however, came with it’s own set of challenges:

-I couldn’t be away from him for too long (he wasn’t ready to accept the bottle for the longest time so there was no point pumping)

-The trauma of sore breasts

-Weaning off (discussed in a separate post) became the most tedious task of my lifetime since the baby got so used to exclusively breastfeeding.

-Social events became difficult to attend (both with and without him considering the society’s take on breastfeeding in public)

-Post-partum weight loss had to wait because I used to hog on food while feeding.

-Bonding with hubby became sparse

Nevertheless, today, almost 2 years later i realise that this journey has incomparably done more good than harm to each one of us.This post is to encourage all the ladies who are having a tough time with feeding dilemmas, weaning off etc. I’d like to assure you that you are giving the best of what you can and doing complete justice to the little angels you made..

This too shall pass…


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Breaking THE news!

It was all fun and games, until after 3 and half years of tying the knot + getting umpteen hints from the stereotypical parents, we decided to take the biggest decision of our lives ‘having the progeny’🙂.

Undoubtedly, it was the most special part of us, after all, we were still just man and wife now going to be a family.

June 2015, 3 preg tests (to be absolute sure that the baby is coming) and a couple of jitters later, we made phone calls (hubby + i were travelling) to the mothers, making them go crazy with excitement.

The huge family that we have, was now waiting for our little bundle of joy, as eagerly as we were. There was no superstition/ old wives tales that my lovely fam didn’t make me follow (for the sake of their entertainment). From gender guessing games to baby names, it all just started then.


Mornings demand super foods!

One of those mornings when you intend to start the day with something that kick shots your energy levels.

A good helping of assorted fruits topped with nuts, dried fruit + my new obsession ‘chia seeds’. These tiny seeds are power packed with tremendous nutrients and fibre.We’ve heard about their weight loss benefits and i have experienced they do great justice to the claims. An improved texture in my skin and hair + promoting my post baby weight loss has made me a great fan.

Even add them to your glass of fresh juice or soups, i love how they can multi perform.

Have you tried these yet? Or any other superfoods you swear by?

Motherhood- Strings Attached

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

The fact is true and how! There hasn’t been anything, whatsoever, that could have made me a bigger+better person, than the most amazing journey of motherhood. No matter what I do today or where I am, those little feet are walking around with my heart.

However, although I could be a complete wreak sometimes, with emotions all over the place (depending on whether or not i’m PMSing) but i’d still like to acknowledge that henceforth i’ll try refraining myself from describing my love for the baby because i believe every mom can go on and on about it. All us moms can always share our experiences (good/bad) without a bottom line that tells how much we love our babies.

Let’s just try to be in control of the situation, LADIES! 😉

How has your journey been so far?