Pre-school dilemmas

I have never really shared an ‘eat-together, sleep-together’, kind of a relationship with anyone else (besides my mother, when I was little), apart from my mini.

Since, we have been constantly clinging to each other, ever since we entered each other’s lives, it made the decision of his pre-schooling one of the most major decisions of my life (just imagine we have only started making decisions for him 🙄).

Which, when and where to pre-school your child is the most sought after question of parents these days. Here’s how I contemplated –

Which: my only concern while looking for a pre-school was how hygienic its surroundings were. Pre school is not just to make your kid learn but also to build his immunity towards the outside world, however, since this is the first routine social interaction the child has in his life, you don’t want to send him somewhere with lower cleanliness standards.

When: I am a SAHM, so I decided to not send him to pre-school until he turns 2.5 yo. This decision entirely depends on the parent’s professional status as well as how interactive your surroundings are and how much you can make your child learn even at home. I spent a good time making him learn numbers, colours, rhymes, dining habits etc. for him to grow mentally and also to channelise the abundance of energy he has.

Where: the closest to the house/your working place. Believe me you, living in a place like Delhi, the wisest decision I could make was to admit him into a pre-school approx half a km from our house. You cannot burden them with a routine and uncanny traffic hours all at once.



This is a picture of a super happy mom and kid who made the wisest choice according to us. What are your ideas of pre-schooling your little one?